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Heather: The Musical

feel free to hum along


My entries are all friends locked. Leave me a love note if you'd like to be added.

(my layout was made by apricot_13)

adventures, all-nighters, american sign language, amélie, angel, art, art history, autumn, b-wing, backstage, balconies, barcodes, barettes, baroque art, basia bulat, beaches, being cheap, bif naked, big comfy beds, big sunglasses, bluesfest, boots, bsb, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, canada, cannibal: the musical, canopies, care packages, carleton university, cathedrals, clothing, cloud watching, coffee, collages, comics, contemporary art, costumes, crayons, cuddling, dancing, deafness, debating, design, directing, drawing, family, fedoras, fireworks, flirting, food, foreign films, frank sinatra, friends, galleries, geeks, gothic architecture, graphic design, guitars, he-man and she-rah, high ceilings, holding hands, home movies, houseboating, hugs and kisses, impasto, interior decorating, ireland, israel, jon stewart, joss whedon, judaism, kilts, laughing, learning, little shop of horrors, live shows, long walks, louise bourgeois, magnetic poetry, mail, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, multitasking, museum studies, museums, music, musicals, national gallery of canada, nepean, nerds, night, northern lights, notes, op art, ottawa, outdoors, paint, pamplemousses, parties, performance art, photography, piercings, pina coladas, pirates, portishead, princess bride, rain, recording, redheads, rent, road trips, ron weasley, rynn's knees, sarcasm, saw gallery, screaming, sex, sexual tension, singing, sitars, sketching, sleeping in, snowflakes, snuggling, spontenaity, stars, stickers, storms, stratford, summer, sunset, sushi, tea, the little mermaid, theatre, thrifting, thrill, thunder and lightning, tickling, tlc, travel, venus envy, vintage, what not to wear, wit